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Hollywell Housing Trust

Hollywell is a specialist housing charity providing housing and tenancy support to people with learning disabilities on the Devon/Cornwall peninsula.

We worked closely with Enabling Homes to identify two schemes in Devon, a total of 9 units, that would work well for some of our pending tenancies and were located in excellent areas for what we need.

We found Enabling knowledgeable, fast paced and very supportive throughout the process of purchase for both properties and have continued to be supportive whilst work is being undertaken before hand over. From the progress so far, I am confident that the properties will be completed to a high standard and that they will provide safe, sustainable homes for our vulnerable tenants.

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

I have worked with Katie for over a year she is a vibrant determined professional person and this is evidenced in all areas of her work she always leaves me inspired after our meetings and has a “get results” attitude.

Katie is passionate in her job role

Katie and Enabling Homes have such a professional honest approach after every face to face meeting we have had I get instant and regular contact keeping me fully updated with any changing events and regular check ins with my Organisation.

Enabling Homes ethos is what is truly inspiring Great Work.

Greater Places

Working with Enabling Homes has allowed Greater Places to get off to the best possible start as an operating charity. Our mission is to provide vulnerable adults with the quality accommodation they need to work towards living independently.
Enabling homes have been instrumental in providing the network which allows us to access properties our clients need. Due to the proactive ways of working and the openness in which they communicate, our partnership is going from strength to strength.

MySpace Housing Solutions

My Space has been working with Enabling Homes for a number of years now as one of our preferred developer partners. We pride ourself on our ethical values and it is great to work with an organisation who share a similar ethos.

We are an ambitious, fast growing registered provider who need to access the highest standards of properties that meet an exacting brief – Enabling Homes matches that brief all of the time every time. Properties are delivered on time and according to specification which is crucial when you are housing vulnerable adults as we do.
Add to this exemplary product the service and staff who work for Enabling Homes are of the highest standard and we have forged excellent relationships in our time working together. We cannot recommend Enabling Homes highly enough.

North Lincolnshire Council

The Assertive Outreach team first made contact with Katie Wightman during the lockdown period of Covid 19.

Katie let us know about potential supported living accommodation that may be available to free up spaces in our emergency accommodation.

We identified clients we thought would be best suited to the accommodation offered, and began the process of application and assessments.

Due to social distancing, gathering the information required was a mammoth task but Katie was there to support us via email and telephone every step of the way.

The My Space team responded promptly and first 3 applications were assessed, accepted and given a move in date within a record breaking 7 days!

This swift action has given life changing opportunities to 3 people and freed up emergency accommodation for others.

Katie and My Space were committed and focused on the outcome throughout.

Many thanks from North Lincolnshire Council Assertive Outreach Team for rough sleeper.

Matrix Consultancy

As a professional finding properties for Enabling Homes, I enjoy a great working relationship with the team. With excellent communication ensuring that complex deals run as smoothly as possible.

Ark Resettlement Services

It gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to write a testimonial for Enabling Homes. As a provider of support services, one of our biggest challenges is our ability to access quality accommodation for our vulnerable Service Users.

Natalie and their team are very efficient. She came to initial meeting with very helpful information and explained the process in a way that showed her expertise in supported living. Super responsive and friendly and professional. Our team always feel comfortable contacting them if we have any queries or concerns, which they invariably deal with promptly and efficiently. They do not allow matters to slip. They’ve visited our offices many times to support us and getting to know our team. All the staff are extremely pleasant and helpful and there has never been a time when I felt that I did not matter to them.

Enabling Homes has developed good working relationships with us. Enabling Homes are researching to purchase suitable living accommodation for us. The good thing is that because they are working in partnership with a housing associations there are no financial cost to us what so ever which is nice for charity as ours.

ARKRS will most definitely recommend Enabling Homes to other voluntary sector organisations such as ours.

Uthink PDP

Uthink has successfully worked with young people since 2010, Often working with the most disadvantaged and challenging individuals. Through community art projects we have managed to support many individuals to achieve many great things.

We felt like we needed to do more and offer a wider service to people who were 18+. We approached Enabling Homes with our view and passion. It was incredible the reception we received from like minded people that shared our views on helping vulnerable people.

Adding a new direction to an already successful Charity was testing but Enabling Homes helped and guided us in doing this, they spent many hours showing us what was needed and the pit falls ahead. They sourced us buildings to view in areas we wanted to work, if we did not want them, that was fine but soon we found the ideal buildings.

We were fully involved in the purchase of the buildings and developing the specification we needed. We have now successfully set up and are managing two 14 apartment blocks and the demand for our service has gone through the roof. With that, we have asked Enabling Homes to purchase more buildings for us so that we can keep up with demand.


Over the past two years, Teardrops Supporting Your Community formally know as (Supporting the homeless) have been working in partnership with Enabling Homes, an outstanding housing provider in the heart of Bolton. Enabling Homes is unique and like no other housing provider.

With a holistic, person-centred approach that meets the needs of each individual.  They work closely with charities who work at ground level, to understand the issues and challenges homelessness brings, by providing those who are less fortunate and vulnerable with a home, not a roof over their head, easing the financial burden, upset and trauma they have suffered.

Lindsey knows first-hand what it is like to be homeless, and the stigma and barriers it brings. And by being given the right level of help and support, she is now able to be a voice for others, who find themselves in the same position. Lindsey is a true testament and ambassador to those who find themselves in the same position as she was. Lindseys lived experience of being homeless, and all it brings gave her the passion and enthusiasm to help so many. Working her way up, she went on to work in the social, private and voluntary sector, gaining vast experience and knowledge of what is needed to make a change and the impact it will have on peoples lives in the future. 

Teardrops ethos is based on our mission statement. Although Enabling Homes fits it all,  Teardrops believe Enabling homes, Re-build homes, lives hopes and dreams, with their dedicated staff who understand the difficulties life brings, and who have walked in the shoes of so many.

Teardrops want to take this opportunity to thank Enabling Homes, not only for providing homes to those most vulnerable in every community but for supporting charities like us over the past two years, helping and supporting us, in making a difference in the heart of our community. 


A close relationship has been developed with Enabling Homes who are both understanding and responsive to our needs as a care provider in supporting vulnerable and sometimes challenging individuals. We have been able to pick up the phone with any matters and have received a response that has been very supportive and prompt, at any time of day.

The staff in Enabling homes have allowed our relationship to develop with trust and confidence which is crucial to our success. The maintenance department who work hand in hand with us on the front line have been outstanding in repairing our properties to a high standard. Working closely is really important to us as it gives us the confidence we need to provide an outstanding service. Our standards are high at Next Stage and we only want to work with people of the same values.


We would like to say we have been extremely fortunate to have been supported on many occasions by yourself.

The nature of our work dictates that we have often contacted you in extreme and serious situations and at very short notice. We feel you are always amenable and approachable.

The consideration, kindness and support has been exceptional and we have found that you always go above and beyond in the delivery of a bespoke service. You have made a massive difference to many lives.

Enabling Homes purchases and develops housing and accommodation to the Supported Living Market within the UK, the asset class is straight forward in that it is fairly typical residential housing stock.

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