A Housing Association will approach us with a specific need, we will then search and locate a building to fit their criteria. If it is something of interest we arrange viewings, negotiate prices, commence legals and place it with a fund. We then work with the fund to arrange surveys, valuations and any other requirements. At the point of completion the Housing Association will underwrite a long index lease with no breaks. Enabling Homes then arrange and oversee any works needed ensuring that both the funder and Housing Associations are happy with the finished product.

One of the most popular questions we get asked is changing of government policy regarding social housing and the uncertainty for the future. However, the policy and law regarding social housing has not changed in 23 years and more recently has been strengthened by The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government which outlined long-term supported housing will remain in the welfare system.

The model comprises:

  • 100% of housing costs (rent and eligible service charges) to remain funded as at present;
  • Local authorities are incentivised by the legislation to outsource to the private sector;

To put it simply, the demand for social housing is growing at an alarming rate. Enabling Homes hopes and has high expectations that with the backing of investors we are able to transform and revolutionise the industry.

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Investors in Property

Enabling Homes purchases and develops housing and accommodation to the Supported Living Market within the UK, the asset class is straight forward in that it is fairly typical residential housing stock.

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