Mainly we buy blocks of apartments anywhere from 4 units up to a maximum of 30 with a minimum square foot per unit of 37.5sq. We are flexible with all other factors including age of the property, number of floors and layout.
We purchase properties with the backing of a Hedge Fund. These are existing relationships we have developed and we pitch the property to them once we have viewed and had an offer accepted.

We would always prefer to buy vacant property. However, in most cases we know this isn’t always possible. If a property is purchased we will manage vacant possession.

We work with various Housing Associations and Charities all over the UK. We buy property as far as Cornwall and up to Carlisle. We do prioritise certain locations if we have an in demand client group waiting for accomodation.

If you are wanting more information on areas to prioritise please follow the contact us link.

We only buy property that is freehold. Unfortunately, for our funders leasehold isn’t an option.

Please click on the contact us page and fill in contact form. A representative from Enabling Homes will then be in touch.

Enabling Homes purchases and develops housing and accommodation to the Supported Living Market within the UK, the asset class is straight forward in that it is fairly typical residential housing stock.

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