9th July 2018

About Us

We work with a wide range of clients to manage their property portfolios, projects and transactions. We have built up strong relationships both in the private sector and with Local Authorities, many of whom now see us as their preferred option for supplying quality accommodation for the social care sector throughout the UK.

With a highly qualified team, including Quantity Surveyors, Buildings Locators and Social Workers, we have the resources to procure buildings when and where they are required to meet local need.

Once a building has been requested, we will source and secure a suitable property, working with funders and construction companies to deliver a high-quality building which meets, and often exceeds, the requested specification. All of this will be done without the care provider or Local Authority having to outlay any funds to gain exclusive use of their building.

Our Key Aim

We understand and support that at the heart of every property allocation or the provision of care and support there is an individual who is the most important decision-maker of them all. By creating the opportunities for individuals to thrive and develop in communities of their choice, we give them the freedom to prosper and grow, not only as individuals but as part of diverse and flourishing communities.

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