Procuring property in conjunction with funders across the UK

About Us

Based in Horwich, Lancashire, we have a wide experience, expertise and local knowledge to support our clients at every stage of property investment, ownership and occupation from acquisition to disposal.
Enabling Homes procures property in conjunction with funders across the UK. We then work with building companies to refurbish these to our high-quality specification. Once we have ensured that a property meets our exacting standards, they are passed to Housing Associations, care providers and other statutory bodies for occupancy.

We aim:

  • To provide and develop good-quality homes in sustainable communities
  • To listen to the needs of care providers and Local Authorities and deliver on their needs
  • To deliver value for money in everything we do
  • To operate in a fair, open and accountable manner

  • We are committed to working alongside key funding partners to deliver good quality housing options to private and Local Authority care and support services. We meet local needs and contribute to the development of sustainable communities across the UK.